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Learn Accounts with Taxation from basics to filing of Online Returns step by step in very easy way.

Course - 1 : Business Accounting

Business AccountingThis Course is the first step towards learning of Professional Accounting. Start Converting your bookish knowledge into practical. This course contains very useful information regarding the practical accounting work of Trading, Manufacturing and Service Industry.

The course is very useful to all fresher B.Com, M.com, MBA, CA, ICWA, CS and all others who wish to work as a professional accountant in any type of Industry. The course is also very useful for those who has 3-4 year of experience in accounting field. Start learning accounts works with this course now.

Main Contents of Course
Basic Concept Role of Work Structure in business Accounting.
Accounting Theories Use of Double Entry System in Practical Accounting.
Journal Entries Practical training in preparation of Journal Entries with Practical Project Work.
  • Course Fee : Free

Course - 2 : Accounts Expert

Accounting training Our Accounts Expert course is based on 100% practical work. Learn Manual and Computerized Accounts from basic to finalization of Balance Sheet in few days. The course is very useful for Professional Accountants who wish to work at very good position in any type of Industry.

Along with online video classes, Study Material and Practice Projects also provided to enrolled students. Our Practice which are based on actual business transactions. Through our online training any one can learn professional accounting very easily even you don't have any accounting background.

Main Contents of Course
Manual Accounts Manual Book keeping Concept. Training in writing of Primary & Final Book of Entry with practice on actual industrial data.
Computerised Accounts Computer Accounting Concept, Complete Training in latest Accounting Software's including Tally ERP 9, Practice with actual Industrial data and Live Projects.
Tally Erp. 9 Complete Training in latest Tally ERP 9 with practical projects based on actual Industrial data.
Inventory Accounting Inventory Concept, Training and Practice of Inventory Accounting of different type of Business Organisation with practice project based on actual industrial data.
Reconciliation Reconciliation Concept, Manual and Computerised training in Bank and other Accounts Reconciliation
Balance Sheet Complete Training in Finalization of Accounts, Opening and Closing of Financial Year according to work culture of business organisation. Practice with actual Industrial data.
Reports & MIS Relevant Knowledge of Business Reporting and MIS
Miscellaneous Debit Note, Credit Note, Imprest Accounting
  • Course Fee : 9,000/- 6,200.00

Course - 3 : Tax Expert

Online Taxation TrainingLearn complete Indian Taxation from Basics to filing of online Returns. Our Taxation Expert course provides complete knowledge of Direct and Indirect Tax including GST. The course is based on 100% practical work through project work. This course is very usefull if students have some experience in Business Accounting; otherwise it is recomended to complete our Course-1 and 2 before starting this course.

Practice Projects provided to enrolled students, which is based on actual business transactions. Indian taxation explained in a very easy way, anyone can understand in very short duration with perfection.

Main Contents of Course
Indirect Taxes before GST 1. Complete concept of VAT and CST with Calculation of tax and tally practical with project work. 2. Concept of Service Tax 3. Concept of Central Excise
Goods and Service Tax (GST) Complete Concept of Goods and Service Tax with Practical work. Classes from basics to filing of online Returns. Main contents: - Complete Concept of GST, Goods and Service Tax Law, Applicability of GST, Process of Registration in GST, Type of Supply, Place of Supply, Point of Taxation, Input Tax Credit, Reverse charge mechanism under GST, Invoicing rules and eway Bill, Accounting Entries of GST Transactions, Practical Projects with Tally erp.9, Prepration and filing of GSTR-3B, Payment of GST, Prepration and filing of GSTR-1, Concept of GSTR-9, Concept of Electronic Cash Register, Electronic Credit Register, Electronic liability Register, New Return System 2020 : RET-1, RET-2 and RET-3, Concept of PMT 08 and many more .
Income Tax : Concept & Returns Calculation of Income Tax of Individuals with all type of incomes like, Income from Salary, House Property, Business or Profession, Capital Gain and Other Sources, Calculation of Tax of Corporates. Payment of Income Tax, Concept of Advance Tax, Basic Concept of Tax Audit
Tax Deduction & Collection at Source Concept of Tax Deduction and Collection at source. Calculation of TDS and TCS. Deposit of TDS/TCS and Filing of Returns
Employees Provident Fund (EPF) Concept of Employees Provident Fund. Calculation of EPF, Payment of EPF, Preparation and Filing of Electronc Challan cum Returns (ECR)
Employee state Insurance (ESI) Concept of Employees State Insurance. Calculation of ESI, Payment of ESI, Introduction to ESI common Portal
Payrolls Basic Concept of payrolls, Prepration of salary sheet, Calculations and accounting enteries
  • Course Fee : 9,000/- 6,800.00

Course - 4 : Accounts and Tax Expert (All in One)

Accounts and Tax CourseOur Accounts and Tax Expert course is the combination of Course-1, Course-2 and Course-3. This course includes all contents of our Business Accounting, Accounts Expert and Tax Expert Course. This course is a stunning course for Fresher B.Com, M.Com, MBA, CA, ICWA, CS, Business Men and also who wish to work as good accounts professional.

Our Accounting and Taxation Course provide complete practical knowledge from basic to finalization of Balance Sheet and filing of online returns. After successfully completion of the course every candidate can works as a five to seven year experience person.

Main Contents of Course
Business Accounting Complete Contents of Course - 1
Accounts Expert Complete Contents of Course - 2
Taxation Expert Complete Contents of Course - 3
Short Courses All Contents are Included in this Course
  • Course Fee : 17,500/- 10,800.00