TDSTax deduction and collection at source is the very important part of Income Tax. Every Accountant should have knowledge of TDS and TCS practical work. Basically this is a system introduced by Income Tax Department, where person responsible for making specified payments such as professional fees, commission, works contract, advertisement, interest, rent, salary, etc. is liable to deduct a certain percentage of tax before making payment.

In this course we have covered all the aspects of practical work as required for practical work. All the contents of this course are also a part of our Tax Expert Course. If you want to learn only TDS/TCS work you can enroll in this course.

Course Contents

  • Concept of TDS and TCS
  • Applicability and Registration
  • TDS & TCS Accounting Entries
  • TDS on Salary (Section 192)
  • TDS on other then Salary ¬†(Section 194)
  • Deposit of TDS, Online Payments
  • Prepration and filing of Returns
  • TDS Certificates

Salient Features

  • Practical training by experts
  • Every Student will get updated classes on regular basis
  • Practice Project are also provided for practice¬†
  • Practice Projects based on actual business transaction
  • Course Validity 180 Days &also renewable with nominal fee
  • All aspects of TDS/TCS practical work are covered
  • Classes in our National language Hindi
  • Students can discuss their class's related problems with experts
  • Course Fee : 2,000/- 1,500/-

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