Income Tax

Important Notice
New series of Income Tax for A.Y. 2020-21 and A.Y. 2021-22 is now available

The detail of the course is given below

This Course includes complete concept for calculation of Income Tax of an Individual with all types of Incomes like, Income from Salary, Income from House Property, Income From Business and profession, Income From Capital Gain, Income from Other sources, This course includes all contents from basics to filing of online returns. The Detail of Classes is given below :-

Chapter No. -1

Class-1 : Introduction & Basic Information

Class-2 : Steps to Calculate Income Tax

Class-3 : Calculation of Income From Salary

Class-4 : Calculation of Income From House Property and Business or Profession

Class-5 : Calculation of Income Capital Gain and Other Sources

Class-6 : Clubbing of Income and Set-off Losses

Class-7 : Deductions U/s 80 to 80U

Class-8 : Normal Incomes & Special Income with Slab Rate

Class-9 : All other Important Information

Class-10 : Prctical Examples and Solutions

Class-11 : Calculation of Income Tax of Corporates

Chapter No. -2

Payment of Income Tax, Advance Income Tax, Concept of Income Tax Returns, Online Filing of Income Tax Returns (ITR) of Individuals, Registration of PAN. Complete Concept is being uploded

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